Mysterious Killafornia - The Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

On August 30, 2013, 19-year-old Bryce David Laspisa from Castiac California, went missing near Castiac Lake. After Bryce spent the summer with his parents, he appeared to be eager to start his sophmore year at Sierra College. Bryce’s friends however reported that he was drinking heavily and using prescription drugs during his first two weeks back on campus. He had also abruptly ended the relationship with his girlfriend and was under the influence the night he left campus. Also troubling was that Bryce had reportedly gaven away some of his possessions, including diamond earrings from his mother, before going on the road. The drive to his parent’s house should have only taken Bryce a few hours, however he was on the road for over 20 hours. During this timeframe, Bryce had his car serviced, he talked to his parents on several occasions and was even questioned by police. Everyone that spoke with Bryce, in-person and on the phone, insists that he was lucid during this strange timeframe. Police found it strange that Bryce was reluctant to call his parents on the phone and Bryce even told his mother not to come pick him up. Bryce mentioned to his parents he had something important that he wanted to discuss with them, however refused to give more information. What is it that Bryce wanted to talk his parents about and why was he reluctant to get home? These questions are central to the investigation for the police and also for the private investigator who have been working with Bryce’s parents. Bryce’s 2003 beige Toyota Highlander was found overturned. His laptop and wallet were still inside the vehicle. The back window of the vehicle had been removed and Bryce’s blood was located on the seats. Police question if Bryce drove off the round intentionally, heading down a steep and rocky terrain towards the nearby Castiac Lake. So what happened to Bryce??

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