Case 35 - Part 2 - The Demonic Possession of Maurice Theriault

As a child Maurice "Frenchy" Theriault lived a hard New England life, suffering long hours working on his family farm and dealing with his father’s abusive attitude, becoming more and more violent towards his son as he became older. Frenchy began to ask for help, calling upon anyone who would help him, even unknowingly asking Satan to help him. It was also during this time that he witnessed something horrific in the farm’s barn that is never explained fully but which is only hinted at as involving sex of some kind. Frenchy was forced to watch and participate in acts. Frenchy began to notice differences in himself. He had increased strength, knowledge of things he had never learned. He eventually left and floated around New England for years. In the spring of 1985 the town noticed something unusual going on with Frenchy. Blood would randomly appear in the house and on Frenchy. His unusual strength continued. The most disturbing activity was Frenchy’s bi-location. It was decided that this was a case of possession, and Bishop Robert McKenna was called in and agreed to perform an exorcism. The exorcism was successful...... but only for awhile.....

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