Case 38 - The Disappearance and Death of Dorothy Jane Scott

Dorothy Jane Scott was a single mother in 1980 who kept receiving mysterious phone calls at her job in Anaheim, California. Dorothy thought the voice sounded familiar, but she could never place it. The caller threatened to cut her into pieces and let her know he knew exactly where she was every minute of the day.

Alarmed, Dorothy took up karate. It didn't help her. One night she attended a meeting and became alarmed at the appearance of a coworker. Dorothy and another coworker took their friend to the ER to get checked out.

Once the coworker was treated, Dorothy offered to get her car and pull around to the front of the hospital. As Dorothy's two coworkers waited for her, they saw her race past them, high beams blinding them. Dorothy was never seen again.

A few hours later, her car was found burning in an alleyway. A week after Dorothy vanished, her parents got a phone call from a man saying he killed Dorothy. The calls from the mysterious man continued for 4 years.

In 1984, Dorothy's remains were found. After the media reported Dorothy's death, two final calls were received, asking if Dorothy was home.

So, who killed Dorothy and why? Was it is someone in her past or a random man who was obsessed?


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