Case 42 - Part 1 - The Death of Kurt Cobain

On April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana, was found dead at his home in Seattle, Washington. Forensic analysis at the time determined he had killed himself on April 5. The Seattle Police Department incident report states: "Kurt Cobain was found with a shotgun across his body, had a visible head wound and there was a suicide note discovered nearby." The King County Medical Examiner noted puncture wounds on the inside of both the right and left elbow. Despite the official ruling of suicide, it has been suggested that Cobain did not actually kill himself. Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Love to find Cobain after his departure from drug rehabilitation, believes that Cobain was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. Grant's theory has been analyzed and questioned by several books, television shows, and films. Authors and filmmakers have also attempted to explain what might have happened during Cobain's final days, and what might have led him to suicide.

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