Case 44 - The Burger Chef Murders

It happened in November 1978 at the Speedway Burger Chef. A Friday night. Four employees on duty disappear; 16-year-old Daniel Davis, 16-year-old Mark Flemmonds, 20-year-old Jayne Friedt and 17-year-old Ruth Shelton. Initially, police in Speedway didn’t have much to go on. Since there was $500 taken from the cash register some investigators thought the employees may have taken the money and went out for the night. The four employees couldn’t be found. Early in the investigation, York says a mistake was made. The Burger Chef restaurant was cleaned up. Two days after the employees disappeared the worst case scenario appeared. Twenty miles south of Burger Chef a grisly discovery was made in a Johnson County field. Two bodies found. Daniel Davis and Ruth Shelton had been shot execution-style. Not far away was the body of Jayne Friedt, murdered with a knife. And Mark Flemmonds had been beaten with a chain. So, what happened??

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