Part 2 of 2 - The Witch of Auldearn : Isobel Gowdie

The witchcraft confessions given by Isobel Gowdie (in Auldearn, Scotland in 1662) are widely celebrated as the most extraordinary on record in Britain. Their descriptive power has attracted considerable interest on both academic and personal levels. Isobel Gowdie, the renowned “Queen of Scottish Witches”, was a young Scottish housewife who was tried for witchcraft in 1662. Her detailed confessions, apparently achieved without the use of torture, relates her fifteen years of involvement with the Devil, and offers one of the most detailed looks at European witchcraft folklore at the end of the era of the Scottish Witch-Hunts. The most interesting part is that her testimony and fate are highly debated, still to this day. So, let's find out what she had to say that still has scholars scratching their heads.

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